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Health Benefits of Climbing
May 17, 2022
Recent studies found that activities such as climbing – incorporating balance, muscle coordination and spatial orientation – can actually improve brain functions such as memory, alertness, and focus.
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What Type Climbing Walls is Right for You?
May 10, 2022
The more you know about why you want a climbing facility the more we can help you identify the right type of facility for you.
Climbing facilities come in all shapes and sizes and how you manage your facility can be as important as how the facility is designed. JP Climbing Walls has more that 15 years of experience and we can help guide you through this process from start to finish. We offer a full range of design/build and consulting services.
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 Adventure Attractions Manufacturer, ropes course, climbing walls, fun walls, climbing tower, zipline
Apr 26, 2022
JP’s creation completed for Janana represents an Adventure Hub, designed and built by the JP Development with a footprint of 3000 sq. m. It features Holiday-themed Ropes courses, Fun Walls, Zipline, Climbing Tower, Adventure Trail, Elevated Kids Playgrounds, and more.
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Top 6 Reasons to Add a Climbing Wall to Your Office
Apr 19, 2022
Investment in a climbing wall as an amenity for your corporate campus or headquarters will resonate with different C-Suite departments for different reasons. And study results show them to be on the mark. Here are some of the top reasons to add a corporate climbing wall to your office. HUMAN RESOURCES Climbing walls support happy, healthy, focused employees.
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Why Choose JP?
Apr 12, 2022
We are one of the most powerful leisure manufacturer offering a complete solution as a designer and manufacturer of adventure parks, high & low ropes course, fun climbing walls, bouldering walls, rope climbing wall, zip lines and climbing tower.
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Active Entertainment
Apr 09, 2022
With the rise of virtual reality (VR) and technology-based innovations, it is sometimes easy to forget the true benefits that come from physical entertainment. For example, we recently published a blog that goes into detail on a few reasons why kids require exercise when growing up and why it’s so important to instill a healthy mindset early on.
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Build Your High Ropes Course
Mar 29, 2022
Beginning with the initial business consultation, planning, course design, concept, approval procedures, profitability calculation, manufacturing, assembly, training as well as after-sales services – we will be there for you and guiding you step-by-step. Contact us for more information now
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Getting A Top Rope Climbing Wall
Mar 22, 2022
Are you thinking of building a climbing wall to your program, or are you looking for new experiences for your program participants and are not sure what to get? We think there’s nothing better than a climbing wall and if you have the space and budget, consider a Top Rope Wall. So Why we highly recommend rope climbing wall?
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Activate Your Outdoor Space
Mar 15, 2022
Since 2007, JP Development has cooperated with over 5000+ clients who are climbing gym, climbing center, Schools, military etc at the home and abroad, we offer one-stop service of design, manufacture, installation and customization for them, and built more than 1000+modular rock climbing wall worldwide, JP has professional designer & engineering team, and proudly to designs and manufacture for your wall, just don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any idea for your climbing wall.
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