JP helps to design and build your dreaming climbing wall, based on his professionalism and sense of responsibility.Let the climbing wall speak out your character.
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Outdoor Climbing Center JP Built In Israel
This is a large outdoor comprehensive climbing center which is built by JP in Kiryat Gat, Israel, it includes speed climbing, high climbing wall with angle, It can effectively train your speed and provide rock climbers with more difficulty to practice your rock climbing techniques, it will be the most anticipated rock climbing entertainment center in Kiryat!
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Outdoor High Rope Climbing Wall & Speed Wall
Hongqiqu Spirit Camp Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall, which is consist of Speed Wall and High Rope Climbing Wall.
Racing and Leisure Integrate Together, Speed and Training Can be At The Same Time.
With 8-side Climbing Area, It can accommodate up to 8 players at a time, Rich modeling, beautiful overall.
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Indoor Bouldering Wall & JP Climb In Hongqiqu
This is an indoor bouldering wall project, which is buit by JP in 2021. Finally finished, the final effect seems to have built a real mountain, and the picture for this climbing wall comes from the famous Taihang Mountain in China, we really moved Taihang Mountain indoors.
Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall
Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall & JP Climb in Luoyang
The Outdoor Outward Bound Program for Advancing Chemical Corporation, covering about 2400 square meters, mainly consists of Climbing Wall Challenge, Physical Training, Obstacle Courses, and Military Confidence Course.
Outdoor Bouldering Wall
Outdoor Bouldering Wall & Rock Climbing Wall
Based in outdoor adventure park, the bouldering climbing wall and rock climbing wall is a part of the whole team building playground.
Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall
Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall in Beijing Geely University
Beijing Geely University Outward Bound Training Base, with a cover of 4000 square meters, mainly consists of four regions, and the rock climbing region is one typical region.
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