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New Project-Poolside Climbing Wall
May 11, 2023
Pool Climbing is an advanced climbing form where climbers climb on a climbing wall without rope or safety equipments. Water works as your safety mats!
Water climbing is also a combination of swimming and rock climbing, allowing you to experience the fun of climbing, diving and swimming at the same time! It can be a highlight of your recreation centers, swimming pools, fitness centers, camps, swimming clubs, private residences, colleges etc.
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School Rock Climbing Wall-Something You Need To Know
Apr 19, 2023
But How to choose a right school climbing wall?

What is the Age of the Climbers?

The age of your students is a main consideration in choosing your climbing wall. What grade levels do you have in your school? This will help determine the height of the climbing wall.

What do you want from climbing wall?

If you want to teach students some climbing skills as well as increase physical fitness, consider a bouldering wall or traverse wall with different difficult,this way as students improve their climbing skills,this climbing wall can also meet the demand.

If you prefer students to experience the joy of rock climbing, you can consider fun climbing wall. It has different themes to allow students to climb in different world.

If you would like your students to belay by themselves and build team-working ability,you can have top rope climbing wall.
What is your budget?

There is a wide price range for climbing walls to meet all budgets.You know different types,stand way,the price will differ.

Finally, we sincerely wish you a higher height in your physical education with the help of climbing wall equipment!
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Apr 11, 2023
We,JP Development has majored in climbing wall and ropes course for almost 16 years.Up to now,we are present in over 30 countries and continue to grow worldwide.As a professional enterprise specialising in design,production,installation of climbing wall,ropes course and other amusement equipments,we are committed to putting up our climbing wall and ropes course in every country,and to achieve this goal,we need you to help us!
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JP Adjustable Training Board-Climb The Way You Like
Mar 28, 2023
With the JP Training Board,you can climb anyway you like,it is accessible to many climbing problems,and can be used at an angel range from 0°to 60°. Anyway,It is an product suitable for climbers of all levels!
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Home Climbing Gym For Kids
Mar 01, 2023
Beauty, long-lasting, and climb- capability JP has home climbing walls and boulders to match your aesthetics, interests, and budget. We've you covered from easy- to- install DIY climbing panels to full custom construction. Climbing walls can play so numerous roles in your home
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Home DIY Climbing Wall
Feb 15, 2023
DIY a playroom for your Kids, 15 exclusive designs for your optional, free to match different shapes, offering a fun home playroom for parent-child time.
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Climbing Classification
Jan 10, 2023
Traditional rock climbing: purely natural rock walls, almost no climbing pitons, climbing routes relying on some removable devices (such as rock plugs), with minimal damage to the natural rock walls, why do you say that there are almost no climbing pitons, and some routes are indeed not built If the climbing pitons doesn’t work, just hit it. What’s different from sports climbing is that sports climbing usually installs the climbing pitons at equal distances, and the damage is slightly larger. Traditional climbing is more dangerous;
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What kind of physical fitness training is required for rock climbing?
Jan 05, 2023
Many people have a misconception that they need to lose weight, run, and exercise before trying to rock climbing. In fact, before you are going to sport climbing, just like you are going to run, wear appropriate sports clothing and do enough warm-up exercises before you can try it. In the process, you'll find yourself losing weight naturally, improving your fitness significantly, and increasing your strength.
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A New Round Of Sports Frenzy
Dec 06, 2022
The epidemic situation in various parts of China is gradually unblocking, and it can be seen that the epidemic era is about to pass, which means that people will blow a frenzy of movement, and the wave of national movement will soon sweep, I believe that the tourism and entertainment industries must be the first to rise. In order to alleviate the haze that the epidemic has brought to everyone for a long time, people will find their original vitality in various forms, so entertainment and tourism will be good choices.
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