Speed Wall
The only climbing wall which is born with the mission of sport climbing competition.
More and more popular in climbing gyms as well as schools.
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IFSC Standard Climbing Wall
All of JP Speed Climbing Walls are designed and manufactured in line with IFSC standard, which are ready for International Climbing Competition anytime.

Engineered Mechanics Structure Ensures Safe Climbing
JP follow engineering and mechanics requirement to make the whole climbing wall safe:
Top Anchor Capacity >=8KN
Dynamic Load>=6KN

Speed Wall
Speed Wall
Speed Wall
Speed Wall
Low Installation Cost
JP speed climbing walls are designed to be easy-assembly, which make them easy to install and installation cost lower.
User-friendly Philosophy
Premium anchor points to reduce the risk of fingers trapping or injury.

3 Brad-Hole T-Nut 
Compared with Pronged T-nut, the 3 Brad-Hole T-nut with threaded insert will be fixed into panels tighter, so tight holds can be ensured, and safety comes.

Durable Climbing Wall Panels
completely waterproof climbing wall panel ensures a longer service life

Popular Designs
Contact for More Designs.
Speed Wall
Speed Wall
Speed Wall
Speed Wall
Speed Wall

Speed Climbing Wall Specifications

Product Name Speed Climbing Wall
Wall Panel Materials GRP
Supporting Structure Galvanized Steel Structure
Climbing Wall Size 15.5m High and 3m Wide Each Lane, or Subject to Your Requirement
Overhang 5 Degree
Climbing Wall Color Grey
T-Nuts All Included
Protection System Auto Belay Device
Warranty 1 Year for Main Structure
Application Indoor & Outdoor
Installation Assembly without Welding
Certificates CE, TUV, SGS, RoHS, etc.
  1. Sunshade
  2. Top Walking Platform
  3. Auto Belay Device
  4. Timer
  5. Others
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