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I’m totally touched by JP’s service since I began to work with them last year. They’re always patient and trustworthy. I bought both their climbing wall and adventure ropes for my new playground in shopping mall. They fulfilled their promise and delivered my products on time though time was really tight. Now my playground works well and I’d like to choose JP again for my next plan.
from Malaysia
I bought climbing wall from JP to install on the other side of my previous wall. Why don’t I buy from the previous supplier? That’s a long story. You can guess it could be anything but pleasant experience. Actually, I got many solutions, but I was surprised by JP’s thoughtful and professional one. Now the new-side climbing wall is more popular, safer and more attractive compared with the old-side one.
from Saudi Arabia
They’re group of creative guys, as well as professional wall building team. The designs they offered impressed us a lot, full colors and vivid graphics make the climbing wall more than a sport facility, but an artwork. I like their modular design concept, and we are thankful for the unique climbing wall they offered.
from Poland
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Henan Jianpei Industrial Development Co., Ltd. ( JP Development)
is a factory supplier since 2007. Located in Zhengzhou, China, we supplies climbing walls and other climbing equipment worldwide.
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JP helps to design and build your dreaming climbing wall, based on his professionalism and sense of responsibility. Let the climbing wall speak out your character.
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Health Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing, fitness, rock climbing wall, climbing gym
Health Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing
Jun 29, 2022
Do you want to try a different type of fitness routine? Indoor rock climbing is a great way to work on your endurance, build strength and improve your balance. This sport is great for anyone, no matter your age or fitness level. It is a great way to get exercise and be entertained at the same time.
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Is Wall climbing difficult?
Jun 21, 2022
Rock climbing is not difficult for beginners; if you can climb a ladder, you can definitely go rock climbing. There are different difficulty levels of climbing routes and bouldering problems, from easy to very hard. Start with something easy in your comfort zone, then work on improving.
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What skills do rock climbing need to master?(1)
Jun 14, 2022
This is a common problem for beginners in rock climbing: they usually focus all their attention on the hand point, and the movement of the foot is completely dependent on the shoe to paddle the wall slowly.
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