TruBlue Auto Belay
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Extremely Reliable & Smooth Eddy Current Braking
The only auto belay which uses magnetic eddy current braking technology, which takes advantage of friction-free with no contacting parts braking, and is extremely reliable, smooth, and low maintenance.

Most Widely Used Auto Belay in the World
Due to its high-quality design, patented magnetic technology, and reliable performance the TRUBLUE Auto Belay has performed over 2 billion descents in over 60 countries on 6 continents.

TruBlue Auto Belay
TruBlue Auto Belay
TruBlue Auto Belay
TruBlue Auto Belay
Safety Assured
Based on the science of Trublue, they offer reliable protection for climbers.
Lower Operation Cost & Better Climbing Experience
With TruBlue Auto Belay, climbers are able to work out without partner so that gym operators can improve their business as a result. Due to the self-regulation system, children and adults will both have smooth descent.

Distributor, Builder & Service Center
As distributor, builder and service center of HeadRush products, JP offer full series of TruBlue Auto Belay with Best Price. 

1-Stop Climbing PPE Shop
All climbing accessories for climbing protection can be purchased at JP. Enjoy pleasant 1-stop service here now.
TruBlue Auto Belay
TruBlue Auto Belay
TruBlue Auto Belay
TruBlue Auto Belay

TruBlue Auto Belay Specifications

Mounting Height 3.5m-12.5m 12m-20m 7.5m-16m
Max Descent Velocity 2m/s 2m/s 2m/s
Rated Working Capacity 10-150kg 10-136kg 10-136kg
Device Weight 19.75kg 19.75kg 18.5kg
Inspection Requirement Annual Inspection Annual Inspection Annual Inspection
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