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Consideration If You Want To Design A Bouldering Gym
Nov 02, 2021
Bouldering climbing gyms are a bit different from rope climbing gyms, it doesn’t need a safety equipment, But a safety mat that meets the standard is a must, when designing operations and choosing equipment, we need to focus on reducing the possible negative impact of human factors. It is crucial that wherever possible, at every critical point in the system, we assess the risks and plan for additional forms of safety.
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Home Climbing Wall Makes You Keep Training At Home
Oct 26, 2021
Home Climbing Wall is not for commercial, it will be easy to realize at home, the main advantage is easy installation, whether it’s for this kind of rock climbing wall (bouldering wall style will be more suitable) or that kind of portable home climbing wall, JP makes all panels to be modular, standard panels with T-nuts and modular assembled technic makes installation more easy, people can do it by themselves at home.
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Climbing Wall, Climbing Gym, Rock Climbing Wall, Sport Climbing Wall
The Benefits of Sport Climbing
Oct 12, 2021
Studies have shown climbing increases mindfulness and provides an immediate sense of accomplishment, which many find useful to keep them coming back. It is not only a sport, but also an attitude towards life and a natural culture.
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Golden October, Happy National Day!
Sep 30, 2021
Bless the motherland prosperous and prosperous forever! Happy National Day!
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New Fun Climbing Wall Design for Kids and Teens
Sep 28, 2021
Children's Climbing Wall that are designed by JP are all interactive climbing walls that engage both children and teens in the fun of climbing. Colorful and dynamic, they challenge participants in a world of climbable medieval castles, outer space, tower, valcano,star wars and many more. 
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Keep Training At Home With A Climbing Wall
Sep 22, 2021
Everyone is being stuck at home in these troublesome times, we also find that it is hard to keep lying down all the time and not be able to feed the craving for climbing and training,  We know many of you already imagine the garage, the basement or the guest room (we can't invite friends over anyway) turned into a climbing wall that will be a great place for quick workouts after being away from social for so long. That's why we decided to offer the home climbing and provide high quality panels and steel construction for crafty climbers to assemble in their homes
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Happy Mid-Autumn Day!-JP Development-1-Stop Service Of Design, Manufacture, Installation for Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Challenge Tower, Zipline
Happy Mid-Autumn Day!
Sep 17, 2021
All Jianpei Indutrial Development staff wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! JP Development-1-Stop Service Of Design, Manufacture, Installation for Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Challenge Tower, Zipline etc.
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The Rise Of Indoor Climbing
Sep 07, 2021
Artificial Climbing Wall set off a storm in 2019, but it’s so much more than the newest fashion. Rock climbing is a physically demanding sport combining commitment, problem solving, endurance, agility, balance and mental control.
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Anniversary Celebration Of JP Development, Adventure Ropes Course, Treetop Challenge Course, Climbing Wall, Obstacle Course, Outward Bound Equipment, and Military Training Gear
Aug 31, 2021
Celebrating the company's 14th anniversary, through the review of the company's fourteen-year development history, reflects the vigorous development of the enterprise, show the company's enterprise spirit of "integrity, dedication, cooperation and innovation"
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