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Before starting your project, JP’s team is glad to answer your questions and offer guidance about preparing your project.
Taking into consideration your project site, target audience, budget, concept and other information, JP’s professional team, including designer and sales, will analyze, discuss and come up with a proper proposal for you based on JP’s wide range of products.
After in-depth discussions with you, JP’s designer would draw the 3D design to show how your future rock climbing wall will look like. And you can request a customized design if you want to make your wall unique.
JP’s production depart would manufacture your climbing wall according to the final design scheme you approved. The whole procedure is in line with ISO9001 and products European Safety Standards EN12572.
JP would like to take charge of the shipment to ship all the goods to your door if you required. All the parts of your rock climbing wall will be well wrapped multi-layers in case of damage during shipment.
We offer 3 options to install your rock climbing wall. And all the special designed parts of JP’s rock climbing wall are easy to assembly without welding. Never worry about the installation when purchasing from JP Development.
After-sales Service
We offer a series of after-sales service, including operation training, and support for inspection, maintenance, as well as optimization, etc.
Head Rush Service Center
As approved service center of Head Rush Technologies, who is the first one launching auto belay devices worldwide, JP offers service of annual registration and maintenance of TruBlue, QuickFlight and ZipSTOP series.