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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Active Entertainment

Date: 2022-04-09
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With the rise of virtual reality (VR) and technology-based innovations, it is sometimes easy to forget the true benefits that come from physical entertainment. For example, we recently published a blog that goes into detail on a few reasons why kids require exercise when growing up and why it’s so important to instill a healthy mindset early on.

To expand on this topic a bit, let’s talk all about active entertainment and how it can prove to be a successful investment for your business as well as a pleasant surprise for your guests.

1.Attractions are easy to maintain & rarely need repairs

When something is not electronic, it doesn’t require the same high-tech repairs and especially if it is a JP product, the materials used to construct the attraction itself are proven durable and long-lasting. This all means that attractions as a whole are easily maintained by trained Operators and Inspectors and kept safe for participants.

If repairs are needed, they can be swiftly dealt with, JP’s professional Success team can guide owners through the process of ordering new equipment or making repairs and get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

2. Promotes healthy lifestyles

Broadly speaking, being active and making a routine out of it will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Active entertainment like Ropes Course or Climbing Wall encourages participants to move their bodies which is great for everyone especially larger groups like those from schools, corporate offices or camps.

Attractions of this nature can also serve as great team-bonding spots; even better for large groups looking to have fun together and build confidence!

3. Improves cognitive development + other valuable benefits

As mentioned in the above linked blog, physical activity that results from active entertainment participation can promote a multitude of positive benefits for your guests. While exercise at any stage in life is a step in the right direction, it is very important for those still growing. Health benefits include, but are not limited to, positive brain development, improved cardiorespiratory performance and increased muscular fitness.

4. Majority of attractions don’t require gas, fuel or electricity to operate

Don’t have a lot of available outlets in your facility and or worried about adding something that requires power of any kind? Good news! Most forms of active entertainment can be operated without electricity or fuel. For instance, Ropes adventure Course attractions do not need to be plugged in and indoor & outdoor Rock Climbing Wall activities don’t either which means participants can keep the good times going indoors or outdoors!

5. Active entertainment offers a break from screens

Our phones and computers largely dominate our everyday lives and sometimes it’s nice to step away and give your eyes a rest! The feeling of getting out of the home or office and being physically engaged can be refreshing as it’s a change of pace. In combination with the physical aspect, your guests will also enjoy the mental challenge these types of attractions present.

Think active entertainment sounds right for your facility? Contact us today to discuss options!