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Top 6 Reasons to Add a Climbing Wall to Your Office

Date: 2022-04-19
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Investment in a climbing wall as an amenity for your corporate campus or headquarters will resonate with different C-Suite departments for different reasons. And study results show them to be on the mark. Here are some of the top reasons to add a corporate climbing wall to your office. HUMAN RESOURCES Climbing walls support happy, healthy, focused employees.
1. Activities like climbing, done over a short period of time have dramatic working memory benefits.
2.Highly involved activities like rock climbing lower stress levels. 
3.Rock climbing meets the Chinese College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines for heart rate and energy expenditure.
4.Regular exercise at work reduces absenteeism.

Risk mitigation Indoor climbing is one of the safest forms of exercise around and that statement is supported by data.

5.In a study conducted over a 5-year period, the overall injury rate was only 0.02 injuries per 1000 hours of climbing activities.5 By comparison, injuries sustained while running range from 2.5 to 12.1 injuries per 1000 hours of running, depending on the nature of the study

Office climbing walls are low maintenance, low cost, require little to no staffing, and can be designed to match your building’s aesthetic.

6.Expect virtually no maintenance costs since few parts ever need to be replaced or upgraded and your staff conducts regular inspections.

Check out some of JP’s corporate climbing wall projects to get some ideas for your office. Contact our company services team with any questions.