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The meaning of research camps in campus culture

Date: 2022-11-02
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Campus culture is the driving force for the continuous development of the school, it is the demonstration of the school's school-running level, and it is also the embodiment of the school's individual advantages and characteristics of the school-running philosophy, and it is also the need for the school to cultivate high-quality talents. Campus culture can promote every building of the school, promote the sustainable development of the school, and improve the teaching physique.

Culture plays a central role in the process of social development. Campus culture is marked by school spirit and spirit, and is full of the campus atmosphere and humanistic atmosphere of the times. Cultivating a good style of study and teaching as the basis; with the core of improving and decorating the humanistic environment of colleges and universities; relying on various and sunny school cultural theme activities; with the goal of promoting the development of connotation, and focusing on building a solid college culture Precipitated and refreshing school culture fashion. Let students accept the cultivation of cultural innovation and the influence of new civilization in their lives, cultivate their temperament in an excellent learning and living culture and environment, and promote students' all-round development and healthy and happy growth.

JP first proposed the concept of research education based on our products, such as ropes course, climbing wall, treetop, obstacle course etc. With the development of practical education, these projects have now been deeply integrated into our campus education, allowing students to truly learn from All-round development in practice
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