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Sightseeing Spot Adventure Park to Be Ready

Date: 2019-10-15
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Yunzhonghe, a sightseeing spot covering 450000 m2 , is located in Shanxi, and designed to be a multifunctional spot which may consist of Adventure Park, Bar Street, Food Bazaar, Resort Hotel, Amusement Park, Business Office Building, European Style Clubs, etc.
Now with the finish of adventure park equipment installation JP offered, the whole Yunzhonghe Adventure Park is going to be ready for the public.
Yunzhonghe Adventure Park is designed by JP Development and all of the adventure park facilities are supplied by JP. To make it attractive, a basic principle of commercial sightseeing spot, JP offered lots of special facilities, including the giant colorful double-side climbing wall, two-layer continuous high ropes, recreational wood obstacle course, CS fight Field, etc.
To make full use space, a tracking-system ropes course is included to offer visitors adventurous fun. And apart from acting a an adventure park, this park is also able to work as a camp base, because of the high ropes challenge course and low ropes, which can offer great team building service and individual challenge course.
Along the beautiful river, the adventure park must be eye-catching and popular after all work finishes. JP Development is a professional designer, manufacturer and builder of adventure park and camp. If you have any inquires, please feel free to contact us for customized solution.