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JP Development-Exclusive Agency of Trublue For Headrush

Date: 2022-01-18
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As we know, Turblue is the world’s first catch-and-hold auto belay, catch-and-Hold belay is the latest feature from TRUBLUE's iQ Series Auto Belays. Available only in the TRUBLUE iQ+, Catch-and-Hold belay is activated and deactivated using two touch-sensitive on/off buttons, whether you're buying for a climbing gym, camp, fun climb, or climbing wall, there's a TRUBLUE Auto Belay to fit your needs. 

Climbing, in some form, has been around since the beginning of time. Like many other sports, ingenuity and innovation started to rise and take hold as the sport of climbing became more mainstream. then, safety becomes more important for people, Auto belays are the product of choice for many schools, gyms all over the nation that want to bring more students and players to their climbing walls. These tools proactively attract new climbers and open up a big door for seasoned climbers to enhance their skills and become more confident, intelligent and safer climbers on any face or problem.

JP shares our commitment to building products everyone loves to use and maintaining excellent customer relationships! Climbing wall operators from climbing gyms to home owners can order directly through the JP Development sales team at: info@theclimbwall.com or https://www.theclimbwall.com/contact.html