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Family Fun Center Climbing Wall in USA

Date: 2021-06-03
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Family Fun Center Climbing Wall
Family Fun Center Climbing Wall
Standard Climbing Wall Size: W1.2m*7.2m
Customized Climbing Wall Size:W0.8m*7.2m, 1.5m*7.2m, 1.96m*7.2m, 3.75m*7.2m
Elements: Tyre Ladder, Spider Climbing Wall, Double-side Transparent Climbing Wall, Seesaw Climbing Wall, Taiji Climbing Wall, Italy Noodle Climbing Wall, Kingkong Climbing Wall, Speed Climbing, Rainbow climbing wall
Number: Total 9 climbing items, including 6 normal designs, and 3 tailored designs for the Family Fun Center
All the 9 family fun center climbing walls supplied by JP Development, were designed according to customer’s requirement and site condition. They’re great supplement to the existing family fun center. And after installation, more visitors are attracted to this family fun center.

Time: 2019
Location: USA
Product: Climbing Wall for Family Fun Center, Trampoline Park
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